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Dr. Beth Scheenstra, DVM
1812 Commercial Avenue
Anacortes, WA 98221 

From kitten kisses to final goodbyes.
Dr. Beth is part of it all.
It is one of my passions to form a bond with you and your pet from the first time we meet until those difficult days at the end.  I enjoy all the time in between as we get to know each other and I help to make your four legged friends a healthy happy part of your life.
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    Dr. Beth Scheenstra knew what she wanted to do from a young age. Some might say it is a calling (a strong urge to follow a career often followed by a divine devotion). Simply stated Dr. Beth wanted to be with animals as much as possible.
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    To teach others about their animals and how we can have happier and healthier lives is the center of what Dr. Beth strives to do. By writing newsletters,articles and blog post that information comes to life.
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    Pet Care
    Practicing medicine and surgery is still a top priority in Dr. Beth's life. Being a small animal veterinarian is a real art that takes time and practice, luckily it is a lot of fun along the way.
Running with Rover
When not in the clinic, you will often find Dr. Beth running with her dogs.  An avid runner, Dr. Beth takes a personal interest in your athletic canines.
Complete Care
A comprehensive spectrum of services can be provided.  Dr. Beth has and emphasis on prevention.  She will ensure that every treatment recommendation fits for your family and strives  to keep your pets healthy and happy.
I care about your pets like they were one of my own.